Forging a Strategic Partnership:

Unlocking New Revenue Streams

Catalyse your Revenue Streams

Ready to supercharge your income while helping others? Our partnership programme is your golden ticket! It’s perfect for service providers wanting to up their game and for independent go-getters keen to make it big.

We’ve got two great ways for you to join us:

Referral Partner

Know a business that needs our help? Send them our way and pocket a tasty commission for each successful referral. It's as easy as pie and a sure-fire way to pump up your earnings.

Strategic Partner

Want to take it to the next level? As a Strategic Partner, you get even bigger commissions. Work for yourself, sell our services, and watch your bank balance grow.

We’re all about fair play in the energy market. Too many customers are paying over the odds because of sneaky past misselling. Our job is to put things right. We find the customers who’ve been overcharged, get them refunds, and make sure they’re not out of pocket.

Those energy refunds can make a significant difference, considering the average claim is around £25k.

They can help businesses ride out tough times, when the economy is slow and living costs are rising.

That’s not just good news for those businesses you can help, it’s good news for the economy too.

On-board today. It’s a win for you, a win for your customers, and a win for the economy.

Let’s create a fairer, brighter future for energy users together!

Case Study: Strategic Partnership Leads to Significant Refunds from Energy Suppliers and Brokers


In the bustling energy market, mis-selling can leave customers paying far more than they should. Our strategic partner, Sterling Solutions, recognised this issue and saw an opportunity to address it while expanding their business.


Sterling Solutions, a reputable business consultancy, had built a strong clientele over the years across various sectors. The firm learned about our programme aimed at rectifying the wrongs of past mis-selling in the energy sector and saw an opportunity to create additional revenue while supporting their clients.


Sterling Solutions joined our programme as a Referral Partner. They began by identifying clients who were potential victims of energy mis-selling. The team then introduced these clients to our services, explaining how they could benefit from a thorough audit of their past energy contracts.


Since introducing clients to our programme, Sterling Solutions has seen considerable success. In the first quarter alone, they introduced 30 businesses. Of those, 25 were found to be victims of mis-selling, with an average refund of £5,000 each. Sterling Solutions earned a healthy commission from each successful referral, generating a new revenue stream for their business.

For their clients, the results were transformative. Many used the refunds to offset business expenses and invest in growth initiatives, effectively turning a financial burden into a surprising boost.


Sterling Solutions’ successful strategic partnership with our programme led to impressive results, both in terms of a new revenue stream for their business and in recovering significant refunds for their clients. This case exemplifies how our strategic partnership programme can benefit businesses and customers alike, fostering a fairer energy market and helping businesses navigate tough economic times.

Their success story can serve as a blueprint for other businesses looking to offer additional value to their clients while increasing their own revenue – a win-win scenario in the often tumultuous energy market.

Let’s create a fairer, brighter future for energy users together!

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